Welcome to Skill Boosters

What is MySkillBoosters?

‘MySkillBoosters’ is an add-on service to the Skill Boosters Access-All Licensing Plan (ALP). If your business is an ALP member, and has purchased this add-on service, you can self-register to take courses at your leisure and watch any video from our film library.

If this is your first visit to MySkillBoosters, register your work email to access the resources.

Ranging from 15 minutes to an hour in length you will always find a course to suit your schedule. Topics include inclusion, leadership and wellbeing. 

A 10 to 15 minute overview of a topic. With over 60 to choose from they are perfect for Learn-At-Lunch, or when you have a quiet moment.

Engage with real-life stories from people speaking personally about topics which have affected their working life,  such as neurodiversity, race bias and mental health.

Download and keep learner notes on all of our course topics for future reference. Access helpful guides to supplement your learning.